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16 Feb
The Brightside
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Rum Jungle ‘Hold Me In The Water’ Tour

To celebrate the release of their latest EP, ‘Hold Me In The Water’ the Newcastle based
four-piece pile back into the van for another lap around the country, and even an excursion over to New Zealand for Outfield Festival for their ‘Hold Me In the Water To
ur’ presented by Philter, Cult Artists & Ripple Effect.

Rum Jungle have built up a reputation of delivering high energy summer anthems that go rabid live, and then winning hearts with their more emotive songs. Their ability to highlight both sides of the same coin is what makes Rum Jungle a cut above the rest. Their new EP is no different. They deliver an exceptional collection of songs that encompasses the multiple facets of who they are and what they’re about. Starting the EP with boundary pushing tracks like ‘Electric Snowman’ and ‘Dash of Speed’ and then soothing the soul with ‘Make It Ez’ and ‘Nervous’. Benny’s vocal range and delivery shines throughout the EP, mastering both light & dark and playfulness & maturity. It's a well thought out release that will keep inviting listeners back for more.

Rum Jungle have hit a couple of career milestones to date. Selling out their shows in the capital cities around Australia, showcasing at BIGSOUND 2023 in Brisbane, showcasing at the first ever SXSW Sydney

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