Totally 80s

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7 Jun
Seaford Hotel

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Totally 80s Tribute Show are a throwback from yester-year and dedicated to delivering a true and Totally 80s experience.
Totally 80s – When hair was as high as the pants. The music was all about Pop, Simmonds drum kits, rows of keyboards, fat bass and sweet vocals.

It was an era that saw pastels, neon and Hypercolour T-shirts. It was the dawning of the New Romantics, the explosion of synthesizers, and learning to dance happened in front of the TV watching Countdown, on the dance floor of the Blue Light disco, or in the bedroom listening to the latest vinyl or cassette purchased from Brashs.

Totally 80s are a Melbourne based Totally 80s tribute experience that stay true to the sounds and image of the 80’s, choosing to use the exact instruments from the era to reproduce the songs as they were recorded.

Totally 80s…is exactly the band you’re looking for if you desire to be taken back to the days the where faces of Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran or David Bowie were plastered over your walls

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