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6 Jun
The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar

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Yes Rave Presents: Keith! Party, Emerald Woods, Simo Soo & Shitzulover07

Yes Rave brings comes to Last Chance June 6 for a genre fluid night mixing hip hop, punk rock, hyperpop, noise pop and more featuring….


Absolute legends of Naarm weirdo hip hop, Keith! Party have been bringing the party for a very long time. The recently returned collective brings only the freshest of house and party influenced beats, raps and stage props, so many stage props!


Appearing in band form, emerald woods is influenced by a variety of styles such as punk, dance, pop, emo and noise creating an energetic performance and colourful soundscape. The result is hyperactive synth punk with sincerely whimsical story telling woven through weird and wonderful vocal effects.


Simo Soo is a rapper and producer bringing together their love of hip hop, club music, hardcore punk, chart pop and the snootiest of avant-garde music. You ever heard anyone that sounds like Simo Soo? Maybe, but probably not!


Enter the realm of shitzulover07, the face of gothic, sexy electro-pop music. shitzulover07 is not just an artist but a conjurer of dark, seductive melodies that entwine with electrifying beats, creating an irresistible sonic tapestry. Her new mixtape “FINAL GIRL” drops May 17th.

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