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19 Jul
The Gasometer hotel

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Dhadjowa Foundation Benefit Show: Ft Diploid (Ep Launch), Carcinoid, Persecutor And Ratlord

"The Dhadjowa Foundation is a national grassroots organisation that's been established to provide strategic, coordinated and culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families whose loved ones have died in custody. We are a not-for-profit organisation that's independent from all government funding and rely soley on donations, fundraising and philanthropy.

The Dhadjowa Foundation delivers grassroots support for families through three key activities, Peer Support; Financial assistance and Campaign capacity building. All of which will be family-led and founded in self-determination."

Diploid:Naarm/ Melbourne Legends Diploid are back with their mixture of Grind/ Hardcore/ Noise sound with a brand new EP, Which they will be launching at the show!

Carcinoid:Crushing Death/ Doom band from Naarm/ Melbourne Carcinoid have been around since 2018 bringing the low tuned onslaught. They dropped their new E.P. Encomium to Extinction late last year and have begun writing for their second album which is due for release in early 2025.

Persecutor:Persecutor is an unrelenting and confronting political Fast Hardcore Punk / Powerviolence influenced band from Naarm/ Melbourne Australia. Our aim is to uplift the voice of people of color by any means neccesary.

Ratlörd: Hailing from the Southeastern Sewers, Ratlörd play a filth-ridden combination of noisy blackened crust with the urgency of a junkie sniffing out their next fix. Having pushed out their first live effort in 2023 alongside new Caledonian blast bastards, the rat pack have since made a reputation for lingering around the last chance toilets, Franga and Tassie.

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