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7 Apr
The Tote

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Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela, Yvette Ofa Agapow And Teeth Dreams @ The Tote

Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela (Warrane)
"Lucas is just captivating. It's incredible how they can flip the feeling of a room upside down and sonically there’s just no other sound like theirs" - ZACH HILL. - Death Grips.
"One moment you hear John Coltrane playing a volcano, the next you hear a string section being squeezed through a toothpaste tube"  - David Rees - The New York Times.
Maverick improviser; Lucas ’Granpa’ Abela’s (formerly Justice Yeldham) singular journey performing on shards of broken glass is the stuff of legend.  For over twenty years now they have relentlessly toured the globe, the glass evolving over that time from a means to create free-noise cacophonies into an incredibly versatile instrument producing organic outsider electronica. Played somewhat like a reed instrument, Abela vibrates the shards edge with their lips, producing both audio signal and control voltages. These feed a complex modular patch of parallel chains where the performance modulates itself to give the instrument the illusion of a ghostly accompaniment that together forms dense layers of anomalous music.
Their limited-edition collaborative 7” with Zach Hill (Death Grips) ( will be available at the show for $15. The single fuses Zach’s frenetic drumming dynamics onto Lucas Abela’s textural glass noise by converting Zach’s drumming into rhythmical control voltages to tear Abela’s sustained textural glass signal rhythmically apart. The single was recorded using stems provided by Hill so Abela could develop techniques to interpolate their signals before recording together in Los Angeles late last year for a forthcoming album currently being mixed down by Hill. If you want to reverse a copy, they are available at a discounted rate of $10 when you buy a presale ticket for the show.
Uboa is the musical project of the Australian drone, ambient and noise rock artist Xandra Metcalfe. She began in 2010 during a period when Metcalfe experimented with doom metal textures and home studio equipment, and gradually moved towards noise, experimental and abstract compositions.

Yvette Ofa Agapow (Magandjin)
Yvette Ofa Agapow is a Magandjin-based experimental musician working at the intersection of noise, ambient and lowercase music through electro-acoustic vocal/percussion improvisation. Combining these musical tendencies with an intentional approach to presentation and performance, she interrogates her personal relationship to pain, catharsis, sexual hysteria and feminine subjectivity.
Teeth Dreams
Teeth Dreams is an atmospheric harsh noise project that draws influence from musique concrète, blackened doom metal and the slow-cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky & Bela Tarr.

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