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7 Jun
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Regurgitator 'It's So Invasive' Tour 2024


it’s so invasive…

Let’s get this flow on the road.

Noise annoys… it surrounds us all with an ever present insistence. It fills our screens, our minds… our world with a gaze of distractions. Just an invasion of pervasive white noise historywide. Propelled by an armada of commerce hell bent on leaching the goodness of this world for material gain. Driving into mayhem through time told this rumbling engine of capitalism has always been the undercarriage of this breaking chassis. Culture and country fall prey to this fervour of infection like a virus with no restitution.

This ain’t no pop show… this here is an epic all out crashing the rocks show. From a year past of Units, Kiss, Weezer, and a feast of festivals we head into this coming year with a sense of escalation and elevation… all with a new album in hand headed your way - Invader. Teaming up on this rather invasive run is none other than great friends - those no wavin’ jazz punksters PARTY DOZEN… and over comes Brisbane’s mechanical techno retro futurists **MONSTER ZOKU ONSOMB!**… and extra special blood red cream in selected metro zones is the glitter punk-pop of CRY CLUB. This is gonna be fun. All the info below.

Absolute respect to our ever loving fan base. You are our all and everything. We commit to you in the manner you commit to us. You inspire us over and over. As we enter the water dragon of our 30th year it is your ongoing enthusiasm that rides us high and mighty. At the end of the day when we stand on stages across this land playing our hearts out to you we know with clarity and awareness that it is you our fans who are the base of our being. We never forget that and we love you all the more for it! Build with us.

In our limited capacity we will do our best to make a stand for the disposessed, disenfranchised and anyone suffering injustice in the broadest manner we can. The world is served best by compassion and cooperation. We, without question, acknowledge these lands we exist, create and tour upon as stolen and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this life giving country both elders past and present.

“Nothing ever works in isolation and neither do we.”

Party Dozen are a 2-piece from Sydney made up of Kirsty Tickle (saxophone) and Jonathan Boulet (percussion and sampler). Forming in 2017, they have become renowned in Australia for their incendiary live shows and three remarkable albums.
Blending elements of psych, hardcore, no-wave and jazz, their largely instrumental sets are punctuated by Kirsty’s unique “singing” style, screaming into the bell of her saxophone, which goes through a bevvy of effects pedals. The last three years have seen them tour Europe, the USA, Japan and China, release a record on Sub Pop and have Nick Cave feature as guest vocalist on single “Macca The Mutt”.

If Cry Club — consisting of guitarist Jonathon Tooke (he/him) and vocalist Heather Riley (they/them) — can be distilled down to one thing (besides their trademark makeup of glittery trails of tears down their cheeks), it’s their knack for turning unsightly and complicated feelings into cathartic punk-pop. 
Pulling from their past lives in math-rock and musical theatre, Cry Club have entered their “villain era” on their second album “Spite Will Save Me”. A tight 10 track romp through all manner of rock ranging from Van Halen-esque hair metal to Rage Against the Machine Thrashers. Cry Club are eager to play Spite Will Save Me to fans, creating environments where fans can thrash through their feelings and embrace their inner emo. Join the club.

Crawling out of the pre-Olympic rubble of Meanjin - MONSTER ZOKU ONSOMB (MZO!) reform to unify Australia with Rave whistles, Hoovers and Tequila-infused Earworms!
Unlike anything you have experienced, this 5-piece ensemble has started riots across the planet with a cyclone of counter-cultural energy that 
confronts Human with Machine, Techno with Rock, and Retro with Futurism. "What is this!?" you may find yourself asking... 
MZO! are the WAKE-UP call that you forgot you ordered.
The ANSWER to the question you didn't ask.
The CURE you never knew you needed.
And the EXCLAMATION mark at the end of time and space.
MZO! ARE the ELECTROSHOCK therapy our meta-modern age craves, and they are BACK! Amping up the power to jumpstart our disengaged hearts.

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