The Little Lord Street Band

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24 Apr
Lyric's Underground
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The Little Lord Street Band 'Time And Place ' Album Launch

There’s nothing like taking a bit of time to look back, especially when you’ve got nothing but time on your hands.
That’s the way it is with Time And Place, the second album from beloved Perth alt-country/folk outfit, The Little Lord Street Band. In early 2020, the group were eyeing off the forthcoming release of their debut album, A Minute Of Another Day, but as COVID-19 came to town it sent vocal/guitar partners Tash and Jimmy - Natasha Shanks and James Rogers - and the rhythm section of Michael Savage and Alex Megaw (plus well, the whole bloody lot of us) into isolation.

With much in the way of time to fill, songwriting was as ever, the go-to thing to do. For a band that previously had a simple and direct write song/rehearse song/record song method, this period of solitude - even with WA’s more on-and-off restrictions - created a different approach.
“When COVID came in I had a lot of time to myself,” Jimmy recalls. “During isolation I was keeping myself busy by recording during the day because I was unable to do any teaching work. So the album sort of came together that way.  I’d do the parts and sort of layer the song and then the rest of the band would come in and slowly lay their parts when they could, or when they were available, or when they were allowed to”.

Finally the band have completed the sophomore album and ready to celebrate its trials and tribulations at Lyric's Underground Wednesday 24 April from 7pm with mates The Foothill Trio and regional country legend Codee-Lee.

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