Cosmix + More

17 Feb
Factory Theatre
Event Description


Join the musical journey with Cøsmix, a dynamic trio that seamlessly blends the explosive energy of rock, the infectious groove of funk, and the sophisticated tastefulness of pop. In their latest adventure, Cøsmix unveils two new singles, 'Start Again' and 'Visions,' each offering a unique glimpse into the band's diverse and genre-defying sound. Kicking off the evening, 'Jade Steg' and her band will take the stage, enchanting the audience with soulful melodies and powerful vocals. With a unique blend of indie, soul, and a touch of Jazz, Jade Steg promises a captivating performance that will leave the crowd in awe. Following Jade, 'The Causeway' will bring their indie rock/pop vibes, delivering a sonic experience that's both explosive and compelling. With their catchy hooks, infectious energy, and authentic sound, The Causeway is sure to set the perfect tone for the night ahead.

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