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21 Jul
The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar

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The Connection Revue @ Last Chance

The Connection Revue, Trash and The Tressures, Banjzig and special guest, Elijah Kelly.
The Connection Revue find it hard to pigeon hole their sound, but they have casually been
described as ‘punk, stoner, blues surf rock’. The energy the band gives on stage is a nod
to their original material and unique bandmanship.

Trash and The Tressures. This high energy punk band combining ‘frantic, angry punk
rhythms, with swampy harmonica powered wailing blues...lyrics featuring shouty, tragic
protagonists...between eloquent Shakespearean melodrama and snarling profanities’. All
this mixed with psychedelic jam and intense ska…Trash and The Tressures provoke

Banjzig is a Celtic doom metal band. Enough said.
Actually more is to be said. A blending of the Pouges, Dubliners, Misfits, Iron Maiden,
Black Sabbath and Motorhead define their sound, but what needs to be understood, is the
bands roots in tradition. Roots in Irish and Scottish instrumentation...banjo, octave
mandolins, acoustic guitar and percussion. Come along and see these lads.

I saw Elijah Kelly play recently. ‘The Heart Break Kid’...a youthful look of jeans and white
singlet, but more importantly, the raw emotion and truthfulness Elijah delivers in his lyrics
and solo guitar work. This talented singer/songwriter has a lot to offer.

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