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23 May
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Airush W/ Man Crave + Dylan’s Omens

Airush are a fast paced 4-piece rock and metal group in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. Combining the sounds of Metallica, Motley Crüe and the Foo Fighters, they are a force to be reckoned within the music world. Mancrave is a 4-piece rock band from Melbourne, that is a blend of the timeless charisma of Queen with the electrifying skillfulness of Jimi Hendrix. With their funky guitar solos, powerful vocal melodies, and theatrical gestures on stage, Man Crave has a unique ability to command their audience’s attention. Man Crave is not just a band - it’s an immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional rock. Dylan’s Omens are the explosive new force of rock ‘n’ roll infecting the music scene! With their undeniable musical virtuosity, tantalising on-stage antics, and eruptive stage show, the quartet simply never fails to have any venue jumping, dancing, moshing, and rocking. With their new single ‘Weak And Pathetic’ and comprised of guitarist Tom Steele, drummer Nic Murray, bassist Logan Byrnes and titular frontman Dylan Cosgriff, Dylan’s Omens simply make it loud. VERY loud.

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