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12 Apr
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Mungo's Hi Fi Meets Hex Sound System - Brisbane

Mungo’s Hi Fi is coming to Brisbane! 

Meeting with the Hex Sound System for an epic night!

Expect an onslaught of wicked selections & dub plates with support from heavyweight acts like Champion Sound, Chop Suey, Wakamana (NZ), Darl (NZ), Subset (NZ), and the Hex Selectors. 

Prepare for a jubilant celebration of Sound System culture from some of the world's most celebrated touring dubwise producers and selectors, together with solid local community sound system crew dem, in the Superordinary warehouse on the banks of the Brisbane river! 

This event is shaping up to be a monster!. We strongly recommend joining us early to ensure you catch all the excitement. So, come on down, unwind, and step with us to some proper dub plates from the very start. 

Let's make this a dance gathering to remember!  


Mungo’s love soundsystem culture to the core - from its Jamaican roots to raves, club and festivals. When performing as DJs, playing on their heavyweight soundsystem, producing music, collaborating with vocalists and releasing artists on their label, Scotch Bonnet, they create a uniquely uplifting experience. Dougie No Pain, Craigy Wonder, Breezak Bass and Tommy Danger are the Scottish collective known as Mungo’s Hi Fi.


Established in 2007 by John Lumley and Chris Jay, Champion Sound stands tall as the quintessential Reggae sound system of Brisbane, Australia. With roots deeply embedded in Reggae music and sound system culture, Champion Sound has been uplifting dancefloors and uniting communities for over 15 years. Founded as a non-profit in 2020, they welcomed Marco Bantick to the crew and hosted the first Meanjin Reggae Festival in Musgrave Park. 

Now in its 5th year MRF has cemented itself as the premier sound system event in Brisbane, working closely with local Indigenous communities and uniting bass music enthusiasts from around the country. As a charity organisation, Champion Sound uses music and the creative industries to engage with and support people from all walks of life. Hosting regular disability support and youth workshops the Champion Sound team has inspired many people to express themselves through the creative arts. 

With collective decades of experience and multiple rooms full of records, the Champion Sound selectas are known to bring the finest in roots, dancehall, jungle, dubwise, steppers and more! Expect to hear the heaviest newly released selections, dubplates and classic tunes to keep you skanking all night. 


"People keep saying vinyl is making a comeback. I say it never went away" - Chopsuey

22 years ago, I placed a needle on a record sitting on a technics 1210 turntable at Hugos Lounge in Sydney and my life spun in a completely new direction. With no prior desire or inclination to become a DJ the equipment I found myself in front of intuitively made sense. So, without any practice or thought I started to blend and mix records from that moment on. To mine and everyone else’s surprise, that very quickly morphed into a Friday night residency at Hugos Lounge and my first radio show on Bondi FM, both born from that moment and continuing for the next 6 years.

Then came voluptuous vinyl shindigs everywhere from Palm Beach’s Louis Vuitton Barefoot and Black-Tie Ball to a second residency at Establishment in Sydney's inner city. Mixed into all of that were countless exotic, erotic, chaotic gigs and events that my records and I travelled to near and far.

These days I prefer to play outdoor festivals like Burning Seed, Earth Freq and Island Vibe if at all, but on rare occasions you’ll find me sending out my own get down groove inspired set which as the name Chopsuey suggests is a little bit of everything. You gotta be there to find out.

For me the art of DJing is mixing vinyl, turntables are instruments, and it is this I pay homage to every time I step up to the decks. The touch, the feel, the analogue sound, it’s like a comforting embrace that shakes you, takes you and makes you wonder why anyone would ever want to play anything else :))


Wakamana is a Scottish/Kiwi musician, and has been running riddims for over 15 years. Currently based in Queenstown NZ, Wakamana is well known for huge dubplates, massive bass-heavy reggae sets, and as a Sound System operator, radio host and promoter. Wakamana has supported some of the biggest reggae artists over the years, such as David Rodigan, Gardna, Eva Lazarus, Tiki Taane and Mungo's Hi Fi, and regularly shells out at festivals and events across NZ. He's currently the Australasian Tour Manager for Mungo's, and will be bringing a huge vibe to the East Coast.


Based on Gubbi Gubbi country, on the Sunshine Coast of Aus, this darlbaucherous bass rat has been weaving together her favourite underground sounds for the best part of a decade. She’s made regular appearances at festivals such as Esoteric, Earth Frequency, Elements, Island Vibe, Biophillia, Manifest and Amalgarhythmz/Sub Sbass, and even a cheeky dnb sesh at Woodford Folk Festival. She’s played in a bathtub, a Laundromat and on a city bridge to a blockade of police, not to mention a plethora of underground renegade bush raves where she endeavours to bring a unique flavour to the sound community. 

When internationals tour her neck of the woods, she’s been lucky enough to be on support duties for Sepia, Mystic State, Ternion Sound, Truth, De-Tu & Versa, Monty, Paige Julia, Mad Zach, and the Critical label tour with Enel, Kasra, Halogenix & Particle. Darl is also keeping busy with a side project collab with fellow darls, DKK & oDDit T, called Deepth (fka DidgeriDubz), they’ve played at Hex events, Earth Frequency Festival, and on support for Safire and Xsetra. A deep dub fusion with DKK on the Didge and oDDit T keeping it nicely weird.


Born in New Zealand now residing in Australia, the deep reverbs and modulating filtering delays iswhere SUBSET calls home. After exploring the musical landscape of genres, SUBSET re-established an acquaintance with dub, and discovered a passion for minimal dub techno and dubtronica.

The last few years have seen SUBSET release a number of EPs and remixes on labels such as Dimbideep, Deeptakt, Drift Deeper, Arctic Dub, Telrae, Dubmission Records, ROHS!, Echogarden, Hello Strange, Deep Electronics, Superordinate Dub Waves, Tehnofonika, and his own label The Dub Factory, along with curating the net radio station Chillkyway.

SUBSET's most recent offering, the 5-track remix EP ‘Recoded’ is out September 1st on Dubmission Records and features remixes by Brisbane-based dub operators Drew Id, Nightjah, Integer, Echo Dex & Echo Inspectors.

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